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Sport Massage

Elevate your game and accelerate recovery with our specialized sport massage services. Our expert therapists are dedicated to helping athletes like you achieve optimal performance by addressing muscle tension, promoting flexibility, and enhancing overall well-being. Whether you’re a professional athlete, weekend warrior, or fitness enthusiast, our customized treatments are designed to meet your specific needs and goals. From pre-event preparation to post-event recovery, trust Equip to keep you at the top of your game. Experience the difference with Equip Sport Massage. Book your session today and take the first step towards reaching your athletic potential.


  1. Enhanced Muscle Recovery
  2. Improved Flexibility and Range of Motion
  3. Relief from Muscle Tension and Soreness
  4. Stress Reduction
  5. Improved Athletic Performance
  6. Injury Prevention
  7. Promotes Mental Focus
  8. Supports Rehabilitation
  9. Enhanced Circulation
  10. Customizable Treatment
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We Specialize in

  1. Athletic Recovery and Performance
  2.  Injury Rehabilitation and Prevention
  3. Sport Specific Treatment
  4. Whole Body Assessment and Functional Movement
  5. Assisted Periodization

Sport Massage Fees

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