Performance Coaching Services

Performance and Health Coaching


fitness and

Health and

personal development

What we Offer:

  • Long-term personal

  • development plans

  • Performance enhancement

  • Improved business performance

  • Increased focus and motivation

  • Progress tracking and analysis

  • nature-based coaching

  • multi-faceted team of support

Our Coaches are all qualified in their respective fields, be it psychology, performance or nutrition. We will work hard to match you to the right coach and develop an extensive plan to match your needs. We guarantee our coaching methods will be like none other you’ve ever experienced. To book a free consultation, please fill in the form below and one of our coaches will make contact with you as soon as possible.

Executive Coaching

Our coaching approach is grounded in emotional intelligence and  leadership development. 


  • Confidential Relationship

  • Trusted support between coach and client

  • Focus on self-development and purpose

  • Grounded in neuropsychology principles

  • Flexible styles of working

  • Holistic 360 degree approach

  • Highly qualified and experienced coaches

Executive coaching is an incredibly powerful and efficient way of identifying and optimising people’s skills.  We specialise in leadership coaching, which is executive coaching for leaders and upper level management. You might wonder why? Because culture enhances high performance, and a culture of learning and development leads to long-lasting performance increases.

We help create lasting positive cultures. Our executive coaches can also train leaders to use the same coaching skills we use. They then get to pass these coaching skills on and create coaching conversations and cultures within their own teams and organisations. Coaching skills can then become entrenched as standards of good practice, something most organisations simply do not have.


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